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Sheriff's Office

  1. 2017 Catfish Derby Registration
  2. 2019 Night to Unite Registration
  3. 2019 Youth Fishing Derby Boat Captain/Boat Assistant Registration (PUBLIC)
  4. 2020 Citizens' Academy Interest Notification Sign-Up
  5. Application for Marine TEMPORARY STRUCTURE Permit

    Applications for Structure Permits must be received 10 days in advance of placing the structure. Permits are needed for the... More…

  1. 2019 Flood Damage Assessment Form
  2. 2019 Youth Fishing Derby Boat Captain Registration (INTERNAL/SCSO Employees)
  3. 2019 Youth Fishing Derby Volunteer Registration (SCSO Employees)
  4. Application for Marine EVENT Permit

    You are required by Minnesota Statute 86B.121 to have a Sheriff's permit prior to holding an event on any body of water. An event... More…

  5. Report a Concern or Crime Tip
  6. TCTT Supplemental Report