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2020 Future Leaders of Scott County

  1. Please select your school and teacher's name:*

  2. With which gender do you identify?*

  3. Have you participated in an event of this type before?*

  4. What grade are you currently attending?*

  5. Parental Approval*

    My child has my permission to participate in the Future Leaders of Scott County Day on Friday, April 17, 2020. By checking "I agree," you -- as parent and/or guardian -- agree to the following: * I understand and agree that photos and/or a video, which may be used for future promotional items, may be taken of my child while participating. * I am aware that only 100 students from schools (or home schools) throughout Scott County will be selected, through an application process, to participate in this event. * I give my permission for Scott County and/or Scott County Transit to transport my child to, from, and during this event. * I may need to make special arrangements to transport my child to and/or from his or her school, depending upon my child's school hours.

  6. STUDENTS: Select the statement in each question that better describes you. This will help us determine your role as a participant.

  7. How do you like working on a project?*

  8. How do you feel about speaking in front of people?*

  9. Which do you prefer working with?*

  10. What interests you more?*

  11. How do you work best?*

  12. Which of the following do you prefer?*

  13. Books or maps, which interests you more?*

  14. Trucks and machinery or research, which do you prefer?*

  15. What would you enjoy more?*

  16. What makes you more comfortable?*

  17. How are you at making decisions?*

  18. Writing letters or making a budget -- which sounds better to you?*

  19. Which interests you more?*

  20. Where do you like to work?*

  21. Job Interests

    Think about the types of jobs that interest you. Looking over the boxes below, which jobs would you like the most? Your answers will help us determine the activities in which you may participate during the day. Rank each category of jobs on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 = no interest at all, 4 = very interested.

  22. Health and Human Services (e.g., nursing, veterans assistance, social work, childcare licensing)*

  23. Court Administration and County Attorney's Office (e.g., court reporter, attorney, administrative support, judge)*

  24. Sheriff's Office and Community Corrections (e.g., investigations, patrol, warrants, jail, probation, 911 Dispatch)*

  25. Information Technology (e.g., information technology [IT], Geographic Information Systems [GIS])*

  26. Community or Transportation Services (e.g., public works -- engineering, road repair, maintenance, transit, survey; parks and natural resources; building inspections; environmental health; planning; libraries; buildings; taxes; passports and licenses; elections )*

  27. County Board (e.g., elected officials, administration, public relations, management, legislative services)*

  28. Office of Management and Budget (e.g., finance/budgeting, accounting, fees, contracts)*

  29. Employee Relations (e.g., recruiting and training, compensation and benefits, policies and procedures, safety and wellness)*

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