Swimming Pool

Submittal Requirements:

  • Application -  Complete the Permit Application in its entirety, including township approval signature. 
  • Subcontractor List - Provide all applicable subcontractor names, phone number, and MN State license/registration number.
  • Survey/Detail Site Plans -  details shall include:
    • Proposed location of the swimming pool
    • Location and distances from the proposed pool to the dwelling, other structures, septic tanks/system, and property lines
  • Building Plans - Complete set of plans including:
    • Installation and footing requirements
    • If not using a safety cover please provide all barrier details. (Pool Handout)
  • Specifications - Details shall include:
    • Pool Safety cover in compliance with standard ASTM F1346-91
    • Pool heater
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and Agreement - Complete Erosion & Sediment Control General Notes for Building Permits form, Signed Building Permit Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) Escrow Agreement form, survey, aerial photo or other accurately- scaled drawing showing the proposed structure location. Plans must include Low Floor Elevation (in mean sea level), location of perimeter control, limits of grading / construction area and location of rock entrance.


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