Residential 1 or 2 Family Home

Submittal Requirements:

  • Application - Complete the Permit Application in its entirety, including township approval signature. 
  • New Home Checklist - Initial each item indicating the document is being included in submittals and upload signed checklist
  • Building Plans- Complete set of plans including structural and braced wall design, floor layout, cross sections, elevations and energy. Details shall include:
    • Footing and foundations sizes with all bar placement details on foundation page
    • All header and beam sizes at all locations
    • Wall bracing in accordance with R602.10 shall be designed by a MN Licensed Structural Engineer or provide complete design including braced wall lines, size/location of panels, method of bracing and calculations.
  • Heat Loss, Combustion Air & make-up Air Calculations - Complete forms and upload submittal documents
  • Energy Code Compliance Certificate  – Must be completed in entirety
  • Lighting Schedule -  May be a deferred submittal, but must be received and approved prior to scheduling final inspection
  • Engineered Design - Engineered design shall be submitted if construction cannot be verified by the minimum prescriptive requirements of the 2015 Minnesota Building Code. An engineered design must be sealed by a structural engineer licensed in the State of Minnesota
  • Survey/Detail Site Plans - A Certificate of Survey is required for new home construction
  • Specifications - Provide product installation specifications if any materials or fasteners require specific manufacturers’ specifications for installation.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and Agreement - Complete Erosion & Sediment Control General Notes for Building Permits form, Signed Building Permit Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) Escrow Agreement form, survey, aerial photo or other accurately- scaled drawing showing the proposed structure location. Plans must include Low Floor Elevation (in mean sea level), location of perimeter control, limits of grading / construction area and location of rock entrance.
  • Driveway Permit - Please refer to the Scott County Driveway Permit link to access information regarding requirements for County Driveway Permits. Scott County does not permit for the State or Township, only the County. Please refer to the State and Townships regarding state or township roads
  • Subcontractor List - Provide all subcontractor names, phone number, and license/registration number


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