Submittal Requirements:

  • Application - Complete the Permit Application in its entirety, including township approval signature
  • Subcontractor List - Provide all subcontractor names, phone number, and license number
  • Survey/Detail Site Plans -  - details shall include:
    • Exact location of the deck, dwelling, other structures, and septic tanks/system
    • Distance to property lines
  • Building Plans - Deck plans shall include layout view and cross-section.  The following details shall be identified on all deck plans:
    • All material details
    • Footing location / size (most of Scott County designed for loading 1500 psf soils)
    • Sizes, spans, spacing, length of all joists, beams, ledgers, structural posts, guardrail posts stair stringers
    • All dimensions shall be identified on plans:  length, width, height of deck, height of guardrail, identify any/all deck joist or beam cantilevers
  • Specifications - Provide product installation specifications if any materials or fasteners require specific manufacturers' specifications for installation.


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1. Addition (Commercial)
2. Accessory Dwelling Unit
3. Addition (Residential)
4. Basement Finish
5. Change of Use
6. Deck
7. Demolition
8. Fence
9. Fire (Commercial)
10. Garage/Accessory Structure
11. Manufactured/Modular Home
12. Multi-Family
13. Non Residential New (Commercial)
14. Pole Building
15. Remodel/Repair (Commercial)
16. Remodel/Repair (Residential)
17. Reroof/Siding
18. Residential 1 or 2 Family Home
19. Swimming Pool
20. Windows/Doors (In Existing Opening)