Gasoline should be brought to the HHW facility only in approved containers.  We have the ability to empty the containers for you, and give you the containers back.  Please note, this could take up to 5-10 minutes depending on quantity of gasoline and how busy the facility is at the time of drop-off.

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1. Televisions
2. Appliances
3. Treadmills
4. Tires
5. Lawn Mowers
6. Humidifiers/ De-Humidifiers
7. Cardboard
8. Gasoline
9. Fluorescent Light Ballasts/Fixtures
10. Coffee Makers/Keurigs
11. Plastic Bags
12. Mattresses
13. Furniture
14. Storm Doors
15. Wood Disposal
16. Media (DVDs/VCR Tapes)
17. Household Garbage and Recycling
18. Styrofoam (Polystyrene)
19. Yard Furniture