Humidifiers/ De-Humidifiers

If you are unsure if you have a De-humidifier or humidifier, please bring it to the Scott County HHW so we can give direction on how to properly dispose of it. 

  • De-humidifiers are an appliance that needs to be recycled.  This is accepted at the Scott County HHW for $10 each.
  • Humidifiers are not currently recyclable and can be placed with your household garbage.

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1. Televisions
2. Appliances
3. Treadmills
4. Tires
5. Lawn Mowers
6. Humidifiers/ De-Humidifiers
7. Cardboard
8. Gasoline
9. Fluorescent Light Ballasts/Fixtures
10. Coffee Makers/Keurigs
11. Plastic Bags
12. Mattresses
13. Furniture
14. Storm Doors
15. Wood Disposal
16. Media (DVDs/VCR Tapes)
17. Household Garbage and Recycling
18. Styrofoam (Polystyrene)
19. Yard Furniture