Most types of tires are accepted at the Scott County HHW.  For large quantities of tires, please call 952-496-8787

MMCD (Metropolitan Mosquito Control) does pick up large quantities of tires off rim free of charge (some restrictions apply)- They can be reached at 651-645-9149

Tire Disposal Pricing

Small Residential
Pickup Truck
Light Truck
Small Trailer Tires
ATV Tires
Lawn and Garden Tires
On or Off Rim (no split rims)$2.00
Semi Tires
19.5, 20.5, 22.5 Rim Tires
Skid Loader
Small Forklift
Small Ag Tires
Snowmobile Tracks
On or Off Rim (no split rims)$10.00
Tractor Tires
Rear Tractor Tires
Front Wheel Assist
V-Pattern Tires
Off Rim$40

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2. Appliances
3. Treadmills
4. Tires
5. Lawn Mowers
6. Humidifiers/ De-Humidifiers
7. Cardboard
8. Gasoline
9. Fluorescent Light Ballasts/Fixtures
10. Coffee Makers/Keurigs
11. Plastic Bags
12. Mattresses
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