How has the community responded?

The feedback we've received from our Extended Access users has been overwhelmingly positive. We invite you to peruse the news articles below, which help tell our story and how the service has grown thanks to our user base. You will also find featured quotes and impact stories from residents who have enjoyed the service. 

Year 1 - Jordan Library (Nov 1, 2021 - Present)

Research (2019-2020) & Jordan Library Pilot (Sept 1, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021)

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1. What is Extended Access?
2. Why is Scott County Library pursuing this service?
3. How does it work?
4. Who can sign up for and use Extended Access?
5. Do library users have to pay to use this service?
6. Can an Extended Access member bring guests or family members such as children?
7. How will the library be safe when staff aren't there?
8. How do you report feedback or problems if staff aren’t there?
9. Will I still be able to talk to a librarian?
10. Once I sign up, will I be able to use the service immediately?
11. Are you planning to add Extended Access to other Scott County Library locations?
12. Do I have to live in Scott County to use Extended Access?
13. What research did you do to establish your best practices?
14. How has the community responded?
15. Who can I contact to ask questions about implementation?