Winter Activities

There's no reason to stay inside this winter. Many local, regional, and state parks provide numerous winter activities to help you get out and enjoy the snow. See the list of activities below for ideas and locations to explore, and try out some of the outdoor activities that Scott County has to offer.

Note: Check with facility operators for hours of operation, rules, and any associated fees.


Local snowmobile clubs install and maintain 248 miles of trails, host group rides and hold other fun activities. Membership is encouraged to help support this extensive trail system.

Note: Snowmobiles are restricted in many areas. Contact your City or Township for local ordinances.

Looking for information about local snowmobiles clubs, events, and trail conditions?  Check out some of these organizations' Facebook sites:

Ice Fishing

Available at many of the local lakes. Be safe on the ice! View a list of family-friendly Ice Fishing locations from the Minnesota DNR. 

Ice Skating

Available at a number of neighborhood and community parks. Contact your City offices for more information.