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Plan 2030 Vision
The 2030 Vision & Plan
Scott County experienced major population growth in the last two decades, impacting the amount of farmland and the infrastructure base for local farmers and ag-related businesses. The 2030 Vision recognizes the value farming has on shaping the county’s character and economy. But it also recognizes that more work is needed in order to truly define the long-term future of agriculture. Providing a more detailed conversation on the future of farming and looking at methods to preserve valuable farmland are a component of the 2030 Plan implementation.

In 2009, a Scott County Farm Advisory Task Force was established to help the County shape policy and form recommendations regarding the long-term future of farming. The overall purpose of the task force was to:
  • Raise awareness and provide input into Scott County’s long-range land use, transportation, utility, growth management and natural resource plans as they relate to farming.
  • Advise County decision-makers on solutions, approaches, plans or studies dealing with the County’s 2030 Vision and goal of determining the long-term future of farming.
  • Provide a forum for farmers and others interested in enhancing and promoting the long-term viability of agriculture.
In 2011, the Task Force reorganized as the Farm Advisory Board. The group consists of farmers, local officials, and interested residents. The group meets quarterly to continue representing the agricultural community.