Rider Rules & Tips

We want everyone's ride to be enjoyable and safe. In order for that to happen we ask that all riders please follow these rules and tips.
  • Disruptive Behavior: While being transported on a Transit Link vehicle can result in a temporary or permanent suspension of services.
  • 30-Minute Pick Up Window: Transit Link buses operate within a 30-minute window. This means that if you have a 8 pick up scheduled, the bus can arrive anytime from 8 to 8:30a.m. Please do not call Customer Service until the bus is more than 15 minutes late.
  • Canceling a Ride: All rides are scheduled based on availability. If you will not need your ride, please call as soon as possible to free up space for other passengers. Rides must be canceled a minimum of one hour before the scheduled pick up time to avoid a no show penalty. Four no shows may mean suspension of your bus riding privileges for thirty days. Please call 952-496-8341 to cancel a ride.
  • Reservations: Reservations may be made up to 7 calendar days in advance. All rides are based on availability. Call 952-496-8341 Ext. 1, Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to schedule a ride. Try to schedule appointments outside of peak travel times. Allow flexibility when asking for a scheduled time. When scheduling a return trip, please allow time should an appointment run late. Allow for the 30-minute window when requesting your pick up time.
  • Be Ready and Available: Remember the 30 minute window when watching for your bus to arrive.
  • Bring Correct Change: Drivers cannot make change. Carry exact currency for your fare or purchase a go to card.
  • Pay Each Driver Separately: Pay for each trip separately as you board the bus. You are not allowed to pay the first driver for your return trip.
  • Smoking Is Not Allowed: Smoking is not allowed on any Transit Link bus.
  • Children on Bus: Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult and must remain seated and seat belted in. Children on Transit Link buses do ride free if they are under the age of 5; maximum of 4 children per adult ride free.
  • Seat Belts and Car Seats: All of our buses have seat belts and they are required by Minnesota State law. Parents/Guardians must provide a car seat for each child that requires one as required by Minnesota State law.
  • Animals: Transit Link does not allow any type of animals on buses, unless they are designated as a service animal.
  • Ride Changes: Do not attempt to change your ride with the driver. Drivers cannot take ride requests or change your current reservations. This must be done by calling Customer Service at 952-496-8341 Ext. 1.
  • Riders: Drivers are unable to monitor riders. If a rider is not able to travel alone, please provide a personal care attendant to travel with them. Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Door to Door Assistance: Transit Link would be more than happy to assist you from your door to ours and is available by request. However, sidewalks, ramps and steps must be free of snow, ice and other hazards.
  • Package Limitations: Passengers are allowed up to 4 grocery size bags. Please do not block the aisle of the bus with parcels.
  • Personal Items: Personal items cannot be left or stored temporarily on the bus.

Rider Safety & Behavior Rules

Every rider, personal care attendant and guest must follow these safety and behavior rules when riding any Transit Link vehicle.
  • Board and exit the vehicle in a timely manner
  • Remain seated throughout the trip, keeping safety restraints/belts fastened until the vehicle stops at your destination.
  • Refrain from intimidating or disruptive activities
  • Treat drivers, staff, passengers and guests with courtesy and respect.
  • Control service animals throughout the trip.
  • Maintain appropriate personal hygiene.