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All fares are subject to change and may be affected by updates to the Metropolitan Council regional transit system, known as Transit Link.

Fare Rules

All of our fares are based on time of day. Rates are figured out when you call in and book your ride. When you book a ride with a Customer Service agent you will be told the fare that you are required to pay. Please remember to follow these fare rules:
  • Carry correct change with you to pay for your ride. Drivers are not able to make change.
  • Pay for your ride each time you get on the bus. You are not allowed to pay for the return ride on the 1st ride.

Go To Card

If you don't like to carry cash with you each time you get on the bus, we have a Go To Card that you can purchase. Stop by the Marschall Road Transit Station today to purchase a Go To Card or go to https://www.metrotransit.org/go-to-card.


Fare Breakdown

Below you will see the breakdown of the fares that Transit Link charges for a ride.

Time of Day
Fare per Person
 if under 15 miles
Surcharge for           Total Fare
over 15 miles
$0.75 $5.25
9AM-3PM $3.50 $0.75
$4.50 $0.75 $5.25
(Scott County only)

$3.50 $0.75
 WEEK ENDS (Scott County only) $3.50 $0.00 $3.50