Child & Teen Checkups

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Starting at age 3, every child should see their doctor every year and dentist every six months.  All Medical Assistance members age 0-20 are automatically enrolled in the Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) Program.  Medical and dental checkups are provided with no out-of-pocket fees!

Doctor visits aren’t just for sick kids.  Visiting a child’s doctor for preventive care is important to help find and treat health problems early.
A Child and Teen Checkup is a comprehensive preventive check 
that is a benefit to children under the age of 21, enrolled in Medical Assistance.  They are completely free of charge and can be completed by your child’s regular doctor.

 As part of the Child and Teen Checkups program, Scott County Public Health staff send checkup reminder letters to parents, help parents locate medical and dental clinics, and answer any questions about the program.

When Should Child and Teen Checkups be done?

  • Between Birth and 1 month
  • 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30 months
  • Every year from age 3 through 20.

Local Health Providers

CityClinic Name and Address
Type of MA Accepted
Belle Plaine
Mayo Clinic Health System
700 W. Prairie Street
(952) 873-2276
All forms of MA

Ridgeview Clinic
165 Commerce Drive E.
(952) 777-5661
All forms of MA
JordanSt. Francis Regional Clinic
265 Creek Lane S.
(952) 428-1200
All forms of MA
New PragueMayo Clinic Health System
212 County Road 37
(952) 758-4461
All forms of MA

Parkview Medical Clinic
1400 First Street NE
(952) 758-2535
BluePlus and Health Partners
Prior LakeFairview Clinic
4151 Willowwood Street SE
(952) 226-2600
BluePlus and Straight MA

Park Nicollet Clinic
4670 Toronto Avenue SE
(952) 993-7750
All forms of MA
savageAllina Health
6350 143rd Street Suite 102
(952) 428-0200
All forms of MA

Fairview Clinic
5725 Loftus Lane
(952) 226-9500
BluePlus and Straight MA
ShakopeeAllina Health
4201 Dean Lakes Boulevard No. 120
(952) 496-6700
1601 St. Francis Avenue No. 100
(952) 428-3535
All forms of MA

Metropolitan Pediatric Specialists
1515 St. Francis Avenue Suite 100
(952) 445-6700
Health Partners and UCare

Park Nicollet Clinic
1415 St. Francis Avenue
(952) 993-7750
All forms of MA

St Francis Regional Clinic
1455 St. Francis Avenue
(952) 428-3100
All forms of MA

Health Plan Vouchers

Each of the Medical Assistance health plans offer different rewards to families for preventative care.  Use the link for your health plan for more information.

Blue Plus

Dental Care

Dental exams are also part of the Child and Teen Checkups program.  Dental exams are done in offices that accept your Medical Assistance health plan.  There are no out-of-pocket fees for dental cleanings.

Children should be seen by a dentist:

  • After the first tooth erupts, but no later than age 1.
  • Every 6 months after your first visit.
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Local Dental Providers

CityClinic Name and AddressType of MA Accepted
JordanOpen Door Dental
1515 Broadway Street
(952) 492-6342
BluePlus and UCare
Prior LakeBlock Dentistry
10470 Commerce Avenue NE Suite 100
(952) 440-3222
All MA for children with disabilities under age 16
SavageDental Associates of Savage
13899 Highway 13 South Front Rd.
(952) 440-2292
All forms of MA
ShakopeeChildren's Dental Services
CAP Agency 712 Canterbury Rd. S.
(612) 746-1530
All forms of MA

True North Community Dental
415 East First Avenue
(952) 403-5149
All MA health plans

South of MetroSouthern Heights
1575 20th Street NW Suite 102
Faribault, MN
(507) 334-6433

All forms of MA for children 1-17