Assessor's Timeline

Interested in knowing more about the way your taxable property values are set?  

Have a concern or question about that value or your property’s classification. It’s a long process, usually involving a number of steps, which can become confusing. Below, you will find general outline of the important dates and steps in a property valuation, classification, and appeals process.

For more information about the current property tax process: County Board Assessment Update Presentation 2023 (PDF)

  1. October 1 - September 30: Sales Study

October 1 through September 30: The “sales study period”  

So, what does this mean?  Basically, the Assessor’s Office tracks all real estate sales in Scott County and analyzes market trends as part of determining property valuations. For the 2023 valuation (for taxes payable in 2024), Assessors followed the market in 2022 and made adjustments as the market indicates. 

Then, the Minnesota Department of Revenue compares those same sales from October 1 to September 30 to the Assessors’ estimated market value to determine whether those assessments are unbiased, fair, and reasonable.

  1. January 2: Property Valuations Set
  1. March: Tax Statements & Valuation Notices Mailed
  1. March - May: Appeals Process May Begin
  1. April 30: MN Tax Court Filing Deadline
  1. May 15: First Half of Property Taxes Due
  1. June: Board of Appeal Meets
  1. October 15: Second Half of Property Taxes Due
  1. Nov - Dec: Truth in Budget Meetings
  1. April 30: MN Tax Court Filing Deadline
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