COVID-19 Updated 3/18 4:00 PM

Scott County began mailing 2020 Tax Statements and Valuation Notices on Friday 3/13. If you have questions or concerns regarding these mailings, call the assessor listed towards the bottom of your purple Valuation Notice. The Property and Taxation Services department is NOT conducting business in person at this time, so please do not come into the Government Center. For any questions that do not concern your Tax Statement or Valuation Notice, please direct your calls to 952-496-8115 or emails to

If you have a tax petition to serve, please call 952-496-8115 to set up an appointment.  Currently, documents must be signed in person and cannot be left in the drop box.

The Property and Taxation Services Department employs eleven licensed professional assessors who are responsible for estimating the market value and determining the classification of approximately 58,000 parcels located in Scott County for property tax purposes.


Valuations must meet the standards established by Minnesota Statutes and the Minnesota Department of Revenue. This department appraises all property at actual market value, determines the current classification/use of the property, informs property owners of their estimated value, conducts public meetings to discuss those values, applies appropriate classification rates, and compiles taxable values for each taxing authority.

Learn about the changes from homestead market value credit (PDF) to the homestead market value exclusion.