Internship Program

Scott County Community Corrections provides probation and supervised release (parole) services for adult and juvenile offenders in the First Judicial District. Our organization consists of the probation office located in Shakopee, Minnesota, and the Scott County Juvenile Alternative Facility located in Jordan, Minnesota.

Internships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students who possess or are pursuing a Criminal Justice or related degree. Undergraduates must be in their junior or senior year or have graduated. Graduate students may apply at any time during their program.  An internship requires a minimum time commitment of 400 hours.


Scott County Community Corrections will provide an opportunity to explore interests pertaining to the Criminal Justice System.

We offer two different options for Internships.

  •    Juvenile Alternative Facility (JAF):  16 bed non-secure juvenile facility provides extensive exposure to facility work
  •    Probation Office:  Exposure to Pretrial services, MN Sentence Guidelines, Adult supervision and Juvenile supervision

Experience Received

 Interns will have direct experience with our clients including:   

  • Collaboration with service providers in the community
  • Court observation/presentation
  • Functions of a 24-hour non-secure juvenile detention facility
  • Client supervision (including home, school and employment visits)
  • Supervised Release (Parole) hearings
  • Pre-sentence and pre-dispositional investigations 
  • Much more

Certifications & Special Training

Interns will also be provided, as available, opportunities to receive certifications and special training to increase their knowledge and build their resume. 
Applications are accepted beginning 3 to 4 months prior to the planned internship. Application deadlines are as follows:  
March 1st for summer semester; July 1st for fall semester; and October 1st  for spring semester.  
 (Application for Internship)


If you have questions or wish to obtain an application, please contact Matt Schultz via email or Mark Bouressa via email. Qualified applicants will be invited to a personal interview to discuss their suitability for placement.