Community Corrections / Probation

COVID19 Response - Updated 5/11/2022

In following the updated CDC recommendations, Scott County Community Corrections is no longer requiring staff or clients to wear masks or face coverings unless business is being conducted in an area, building, or facility that has rules to the contrary. Visitors and employees who feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask or face covering are welcome to do so and are supported in those actions.  If you need to contact your probation officer, the Directory link in the column on the right will provide you with your agent's phone number and email address.  If you do not know whom to contact, you can call the Community Corrections main line at 952-496-8260.

What We Do

Scott County Community Corrections serves an important role in providing public safety by supervising probationers and parolees living in our community.  We work with these offenders to address the behaviors and attitudes which drive their involvement in criminal behavior.

We strive to provide effective services to offenders and good program outcomes to the community.  To achieve these goals, we use approaches and interventions which have been proven effective in reducing an offender's risk for continued involvement in criminal behavior and the likelihood they will re-offend, which improves public safety.  For more information, you can refer to our 2022 Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Community Corrections also provides services for the First Judicial District Court in the form of bail studies, monitoring court imposed conditions of release (such as drug testing on persons awaiting trial), and completing reports to help in sentencing. 

Services/referrals provided to the individuals:

Other Coordinations

In addition, Scott County Community Corrections provides coordination with law enforcement and other agencies, such as diversionary programs for individuals as referred by the County Attorney’s Office.

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