Foster Care for Children

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Scott County foster families provide protection, care, and nurturing for children ages 0-21, who need temporary placement outside their family home. Children are placed with relatives or family friends whenever it is possible but often times a licensed foster home is the only option.
When children are placed outside of their home, there are several different types of care they may need:
  • Emergency placement
  • Temporary placement, or placement for less than a year
  • Scheduled short-term respite care, generally on weekends
  • Permanent placement when reunification is not possible. 
Reasons for Care
Children are placed in foster care for a variety of reasons. They are usually due to abuse or Scott County neglect, parents’ incarceration, substance abuse, the temporary absence of the parent, or abandonment. Some children are placed in care due to family difficulties or financial hardship, or due to their own behavior or conditions, such as disabilities. Some children require care only for scheduled short term respite care, which generally occurs on the weekends.

As a child’s foster care provider you will make a difference just by being there, on a daily basis, providing guidance, support, encouragement, and stability.

Program Placement
A child’s health and well-being is foremost in the minds of Scott County Foster Care Program licensors and case workers. The county strives to make the placement of a child in foster care as least disruptive as possible. Children are placed with relatives or family friends whenever possible. If a relative or family friend is not an option, then children are placed with licensed providers that live close to their home communities, biological parents, and relatives.

When children must suddenly leave their home, they may be placed with an appropriate relative or family friend. If no relative or family friend can be identified at the time of placement, then the children are placed in a Scott County Foster Home. The length of placement is determined by court action. Foster homes are selected for placement based on the child’s needs. Children are placed in their home school district if possible. The Scott County Foster Care Program feels it is important to keep the children close to their Minnesota home community if at all possible.

For More Information
For more information, please visit the What to Expect page or contact the Scott County Minnesota Foster Care at 952-496-8728 or email.