Facilities Management

Areas of Responsibilities

The Facilities Management area includes the following:

  • Property Management: Planning, maintaining, managing and operation of all county-owned and leased properties in a safe, accessible and cost-effective manner.
  • Routine and preventative maintenance, repair and support for all county-owned and leased facilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for all county-owned and leased facilities.
  • Planning and coordination of design, construction and renovation to all County facilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of monitoring and security systems (to include access and key control) for all county-owned and leased facilities.
  • Help Desk Support: provide users of all Scott County facilities support through phone and electronic correspondence for all facilities, space and systems problems and service requests. Responsibilities include resolution, dispatch, and tracking of problems.
  • Internal Support: Provides the following support to users of all Scott County facilities: mail services, equipment maintenance agreements, copier leases, vending machine leases.

Facilities Management

  • Preparation of department budget
  • Development of Capital Improvement Program/Plan (CIP) for facilities planning, maintenance, and construction
  • Space planning
  • Building security access
  • Oversight of  contracted facility services
  • Mail services, receive and sort mail, UPS, Fed-Ex etc. for County offices
  • Copier and Vending Machine Leases
  • Atrium and Conference Room usage

Property Management

  • Property valuation and market analysis
  • Contract administration
  • Quality control
  • Manage contractual service programs and utility commitments for all County facilities
  • Manage the County’s leased properties, both as lesser and lessee

Facilities Maintenance

  • Repair, maintain and provide upkeep services on County facilities and physical plants
  • Provide custodial services to County facilities
  • Provide waste removal services to County facilities
  • Provide snow removal services to County facilities
  • Develop preventative maintenance schedules
  • General landscape planning and maintenance

Construction Management

  • Plan, design and oversee construction of new County buildings
  • Provide technical advice on construction
  • Perform contract administration
  • Perform value engineering on projects
  • Ensure that necessary permits are obtained by contractors
  • Monitor quality control to ensure contract compliance
  • Review work activities to ensure code compliance and promote safety