CH 8 Reconstruction

  • Construction Year: 2015 & 2016
  • Community: Credit River, Lakeville (Dakota County)
  • Corridor Served: CH 8
  • Project Lead: Scott County
  • Partners: Dakota County
  • Contractor: Chard Tiling & Excavating, Inc.


The County Highway (CH) 8 reconstruction project included the addition of turn lanes, bypass lanes, a roundabout at CH 8/CH 91, a frontage road between France Blvd and the existing Lucerne Trail, and a trail extending along Dakota County Highway 70 east to Keswick Loop.

Purpose & Justification

The purpose of this project was to improve safety of this rural connector road. The project included the addition of left/right turn lanes at intersections, wider paved shoulders, and an off-road trail.  Pavement conditions had deteriorated in this segment due to sub-base conditions and were in need of reconstruction.