Scott County Building Mask Requirements, updated February 28, 2022

Effective February 28, Scott County will no longer require staff or customers to wear masks or face coverings within County facilities, on County properties, in County vehicles, or when conducting County business. Please note one exception: The Justice Center still requires masks or face coverings under a state Supreme Court Order.

Visitors and employees who feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask or face covering are welcome to do so and are supported in those actions. 

Impact of Truancy

Chronic absenteeism is one of the leading causes of future high school dropouts. During the 2010-2011 school year, Minnesota’s graduation rate for all students was only 77%, leaving 23% of Minnesota students unaccounted for. What many people don’t realize is that missing even 2 days a month puts our youth at risk for dropping out of school before obtaining their High School Diploma.

Decreasing any unexcused absences can greatly increase the chances of school success and serve as early intervention to truancy prevention.

About the Program

The Scott County Truancy Diversion Program is a youth centered community collaborative approach that involves Social Services, Community Corrections, County Attorney’s Office, Scott County Mental Health Center and Scott County Schools.

The Diversion Program's efforts first look to assist the student, family and school in developing a support plan to improve school attendance. The best chance for success begins at the school level with the school offering support to the student and guardian.
When the efforts between family and school are unsuccessful in increasing school attendance, the school may refer the case to the Scott County Attorney’s Office for intervention from the Scott County Truancy Diversion Team.


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