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Welcome to our Elementary Readers Guide! We developed this page to help parents choose just-right books for kids. On this page, you'll find information about reading skills, recommended reading lists, and other resources to support your child as they become an independent reader. As always, don't hesitate to contact us for tailored recommendations. 

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Which reading skills are Elementary Readers working on?

Knowing your child's skills can help you select a just-right book. An elementary reader (3rd - 6th grade) is mostly reading independently. They are developing skills like:

  • Intermediate Fluency: Developing stamina to read smoothly and expressively for longer periods 
  • Intermediate Vocabulary: Using foundational vocabulary and sentence context clues to solve new words, applying new words correctly in sentences 
  • Intermediate Comprehension: Summarizing the main idea and identifying important details, applying background knowledge and personal experiences to what they read
  • Self-Selection & Fit: Selecting books that are the right "fit" for them and filtering out ones that aren't, identifying favorite genres and interests

What's the deal with reading levels? 

At school, their teacher may be using a leveling system to gauge their reading progress. Some common leveling systems are listed below. PS - It's not a bad thing for your child to explore above or below their level! Kids who freely explore books of all difficulties learn self-selection skills.