Reporting for Community Release Sentence

On your scheduled date and time, you must report to:

Scott County Jail
301 Fuller Street South
Shakopee, MN

If you do not report on your scheduled date and time, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

You will be required to provide a urine sample and provide a breath test when you report to Jail. Reporting to jail under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in a delay of community release privileges and possible loss of good time.

You should leave personal property such as jewelry, purses, credit cards, etc. at home.

For verification purposes please bring a valid ID or driver’s license.

The Jail will not accept books, magazines, games, suitcases or duffel bags of clothing, or hygiene items.

COVID VACCINATION REQUIREMENT:  At this time, you must be fully vaccinated to be eligible for the community release program.


Read: Community Release Eligibility Requirements and Instructions (PDF)