Writ of Recovery (Evictions)

If the judge finds in favor of the plaintiff at the hearing, a Writ of Recovery of Premises will be authorized. This is an order for the Sheriff to restore the premises to the plaintiff (landlord or mortgagee).

Please note: Landlords cannot forcibly remove tenants. The sheriff must have a court order (Writ of Recovery of Premises and Order to Vacate) to remove a tenant. With a Writ of Recovery of Premises, the sheriff is empowered to use the force of the county and necessary assistance to remove the defendant, family and personal property and turn the premises over to the plaintiff.

For Service of the Writ
The Writ must be taken to the Scott County Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit located at the SW entrance of the Law Enforcement Center at 301 South Fuller Street in Shakopee. The Writ is only valid for 30 days so the plaintiff should not delay bringing it to the Sheriff. A deputy will serve the Writ on the defendants if they are home, or it will be posted on the door of the premises. In either case, the defendants will be provided with a 24-hour notice advising that the Sheriff can remove the defendant 24 hours after the Writ is served or posted.