Drivers Licenses & IDs


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We'll need to view your DD 214 at the time of the application.

Minnesota offers veterans the opportunity to display their veteran status on their driver license or state ID card. This can help you obtain discounts and other benefits from local businesses and organizations without having to carry discharge papers with you as proof of service. When you apply for, renew, or update your license you will need to present your DD 214 in order to qualify for the indicator.


Please note that the Elko New Market license center is TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to the ongoing issues with the Minnesota State computer system. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wait Times


Please know we are working to keep wait times to a minimum as your time is very valuable to us. We would like to assist you with managing your time by keeping you informed of our busy times so that you may schedule your visit accordingly.

Our busiest days of the week are Mondays and Fridays, particularly the afternoons. 

The first and last weeks of the month are always very hectic due to motor vehicle registration renewals. 

Our quietest times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings as well as most Thursday evenings after      5:30.

Please know that these are guidelines only. We could be busy at any time and things often change quickly. 

Thank you for your patience.