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Polo Shirt for Non-Uniformed Staff

  1. The Sheriff would like all non-uniformed staff to have a specific polo shirt that can be worn for photos, special events, or whenever else he feels it is necessary. These shirts are also available for uniformed staff to order and/or if you would like to purchase more than one. The shirt will have a badge embroidered on the left side of the chest and your last name on the right. The color of the shirt will be black.

  2. There are both men’s and women’s samples on a coat rack between the locker rooms that can be used to determine proper sizing. The sample sizes are limited (men's = M, L, XL and women's = M, L, XXL). There are other sizes available to order - these are just to help you determine your correct size.

  3. This shirt will be a uniform allowance purchase. If you have already exhausted your 2017 allowance, you may still purchase a shirt using your uniform allowance and the amount will be deducted from next year’s balance.

  4. Please complete the form below to indicate your shirt style/preferences:

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  9. Thank you! Please contact Captain Steve Collins with questions.

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