CH 79 & Vierling Drive Mini-Roundabout

  • Status: Open to traffic
  • Constructed: June 2014
  • Community: Shakopee
  • Project Lead: Scott County
  • Partner: City of Shakope
Project Details
The single-lane mini-roundabout at CH 79 and Spencer St. is a form of a modern roundabout that features a relatively small circular central island. The center island is traversable to accommodate turns for large trucks and buses.

How to Drive a Roundabout

How to Drive a Roundabout
Vehicles navigate mini-roundabouts in the same manner as a modern single-lane roundabout, which is the entering traffic is required to yield to traffic already within the circulatory lane.
A number of roundabout resource guides and videos have been posted on the right under "Related Links" for information on how to properly navigate a roundabout, including the How to Drive a Roundabout Brochure (PDF).

Project Description
Analysis showed that a mini-roundabout at this intersection will provide an operational benefit and decrease delays. The small footprint of a mini-roundabout will allow improvements to occur within the existing road right-of-way.
View the Display Boards (PDF) from the open house for more information on the design phase. Video simulations of the proposed mini-roundabout are posted on-line under the Project Documents box to the right.

Project Layout

Project Layout
Purpose & Justification
The four-way stop at County Road 79 (Spencer Street) and Vierling Drive experiences significant delays during certain parts of the day. The County received a Federal Safety Grant to evaluate, design, and construct a mini-roundabout to reduce congestion and improve traffic operations.

Project Location

Project Location