The Scott County Library loves volunteers!  If you're looking for a long-term, recurring volunteer position in a library we can use people who can assist in a variety of roles including computer aides, shelf readers and assisting with special events.

Please call the branch manager at the library where you are looking to volunteer to see if there is an opportunity available for you. You will need to register with Scott County and go through a volunteer orientation session if you are going to volunteer long term.

Libraries may have short-term community service projects available that don't require registration or training. Please check with the branch manager at the library
for these opportunities.

Our libraries use Teen Volunteers (PDF) during the summer to help with Bookawocky, the library’s summer reading program. Some libraries have a limited number of other teen volunteer opportunities the rest of the year. Contact your local library with questions.

A variety of additional volunteer opportunities throughout Scott County can be found at Scott Volunteers.

Help Out
Want to know a bit more? You can see some specific volunteer skills we're looking for in our “job descriptions” for Volunteer Computer Aide (PDF), Shelf Reader (PDF) and Special Event Assistance (PDF).