Get Involved

What You Can Do: Things You Can Do to Help the Environment You Live in

  • Volunteer for Citizen Water Quality Monitoring - Since 2006, the Scott WMO has sponsored a citizen water quality monitoring program to monitor its lakes and streams. We are always looking for volunteers to fill in, as people’s spare time becomes unavailable from year to year.
  • If interested in becoming a water quality monitor contact Melissa Bokman, Senior Water Resources Planner.
  • Creating A Natural Areas Legacy Brochure (PDF)
  • Be Your Own Land Steward - Learn practical tips for how you help around where you live to be a natural resource steward. Stewardship in your back yard.
  • Raingardens, Shoreland Restoration, & Native Plantings - Blue Thumb Planting for Clean Water
  • Scott WMO Board and Watershed Planning Commission - Stay informed by attending Scott WMO Board & Watershed Planning Commission meetings. Meeting calendars here.
  • Green River Greening
  • Clean Water Minnesota