Transportation Study

Transportation Planning for Growth
The DAP study area consists of a system of local roads (under township planning, construction and maintenance jurisdiction), collector and minor arterial roads (under county jurisdiction), and principal arterial roads (under state jurisdiction). Anticipated growth in the study area will have impacts on all three levels of roadway jurisdiction and functional classification.

Within this regional and county context, this DAP planning process focused on more detailed road planning at the local level. The Townships of Cedar Lake, New Market, and Spring Lake undertook a traffic study based on the planned change in residential density to address safety and capacity.
DAP Transportation Study Map
The study included identifying locations for future township collector roads, criteria for access spacing and lane configuration for local roads, criteria for intersection location and design at arterial roads, and funding mechanisms for intersection improvements. The goal was to establish a local street network that provides access to individual lots and subdivisions, and a local collector network that connects neighborhoods to the wider county and regional system.