Firearm Permits

All Scott County residents who want to apply for a permit to carry a handgun must do so in person through the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

Residents who want to apply for permits to purchase or transfer handguns must apply in person to the police department in the city in which they live, except for applicants from Elko New Market, who should apply at the Scott County Sheriff's Office. If a resident lives in one of the townships in Scott County, please apply at the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

Applications for both permits to purchase and permits to carry are accepted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays) at the Law Enforcement Center administrative entrance located at 301 S. Fuller Street in Shakopee. 
  1. Permit to Carry

    View information related to the permit that allows the carrying of firearms.

  2. Permit to Purchase or Transfer a Firearm

    Under Minnesota law, handgun transfers involve any sale, gift, loan, assignment or other delivery to another person. If you possess a valid permit to carry a handgun, that permit constitutes a permit to purchase. You don’t need to apply for a separate permit to purchase.