Crime Prevention

When a crime happens, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office will be there for the victim. However, wouldn’t it be better if we could prevent crimes from happening? To some degree, we can, by working together.
This concept simply states that in order for a crime to occur all three of these triangle elements must exist. If we can eliminate any one of these elements, a crime cannot occur.
  • Desire - the desire of a criminal to commit a crime. We, as citizens, can’t effect or remove a criminal’s desire to commit a crime. If someone really wants to commit a crime, he or she will.
  • Ability - the criminal’s ability to commit a crime. We can’t effect the ability of a criminal to commit a crime but we can make the commission of the crime more difficult (increase the need for special abilities).
  • Opportunity - the criminal’s opportunity to commit crimes. This is where we can take action to prevent crime. By removing opportunity, we have broken the Crime Prevention Triangle.
Crime Prevention Triangle
Helping Prevent Crime Is a Job for Everyone
Law enforcement and the judicial system alone can’t solve the crime problem. Citizen efforts are the key to crime prevention.

The mission of the crime prevention unit is to assist the Scott County Sheriff’s Office in the overall effort of reducing crime, and to increase citizen safety through crime prevention information, training and services to the community.

Questions or Further Information
 If you have questions regarding crime prevention, please feel free to call Sergeant Ken Dvorak at 952-496-8722 or by email.