HHW Expansion


ott County HHW is Growing!

(Thank you for your patience, as we expand to serve you better) 

Due to the construction work associated with this expansion project, the HHW Facility is currently closed with an expected re-opening in late February of 2017.
This project will offer three main areas of improvement:
  1.     An expanded drop-off area
  2.     A turn-around lane for better traffic flow
  3.     Additional storage space for operations

HHW Expansion Map

The Scott County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program has been serving local residents and businesses since 1992. For the first few years, our HHW collections were held two-times-per-year, in the parking lot of the County Highway Department. However crowds soon outgrew that temporary location, so our permanent HHW Facility was constructed and opened in 2001. At first we operated 2x per week, and after a few years that schedule was expanded to 3x per week. Now, after 15 years of serving Scott County residents, and almost 10 Million pounds of hazardous waste collected, we have simply outgrown our original facility. 
Please visit this HHW web site for the latest construction schedules, information, and project updates!