What Will It Cost?

Accepted Materials Price List

Assistance Fee (Heavy item lifting) $5-$10
Appliances, Specialty Prices Vary- See Below
Appliances, Commercial

$2/ Ft³

Appliances, Household Free
Batteries, Lead-Acid/Household Free
Cathode Ray Tube (picture tube) removed from device $.25/lb.
Certified destruction of Storage Media $.20/lb.
Cell Phones Free
Computers Free
Computer Monitors Free
DVD player Free
E-waste (Intact Consumer Electronics) Free
E-waste (CRT, scraps or loose circuit boards and pieces) $.36/lb.
Flat Screen TV's Free
Grills Free
Hard Drive shredding (Secure) $5 if removed $10 if not removed
Heavy/Other Electronic items (CRT) $.25/lb.
Heavy/ Other electronic items (Non-CRT) $.20/lb.
Household Hazardous Waste (Chemicals) Free
Lawn Mowers (Gas/Oil Drained) $0-$20 (size)
Other Electronic Items not listed $0-$.36/lb.
Printer (Household size) Free
Scanner (Computer) Household size Free
Scrap Metal Free
Scrap Metal (with plastic, etc.) $5-$20 each
Snowmobile Tracks $10
Stereo Receiver or Component Free
Tires off rim- Car/SUV/Light Truck $3/$4
Tires off rim- SCOTT COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY Free (April-Sept)
Tires with Rim- Car/SUV/Light Truck $5/$6
Tires- Semi Truck (no rims accepted) $15
Tires- Tractor Tires (Large) $60
Treadmill $25
Televisions-Household only Free
Televisions (CRT) w/ components removed $.36/lb.
VCR Free

Specialty Appliances

Ammonia Air Conditioner $800
Ammonia (Specialty, RV/Gas < 4ft.) $150
Ammonia (Specialty, RV/Gas > 4ft.) $300
Commercial Appliances


Standard Household Appliances
Stove, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Freezer, Water Heater, Water Softener, Microwave, Refrigerator, Window AC, Dehumidifier, Etc.